Evaluate Your Website’s Performance on Mobile Devices

Sorry to point out the obvious, but a logical place to start, when evaluating your website’s usability on mobile devices, is to pull out your phone and look at it. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and by chance a non-responsive, non-mobile site will actually be somewhat usable on a phone. Oddly enough these tend to be old-school sites with all the navigation on the left. Check out http://yakyudori.hinotez.com. You can’t see the nice pictures of the food without manipulating the screen, but you can see the navigation, address, business hours and even the quaint non-interactive map. It even looks kind of cool in a 1998 kind of way.

Another example is http://www.spicyhousesandiego.com. In this case, on a phone, you can’t see the whole navigation menu but you can see the address and read thru their enticing food menu without much effort. On the other hand http://www.koonthaikitchen.com looks terrible and is extremely frustrating to use. Which is a shame because it’s a great restaurant.

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