Why I use WordPress for Responsive Website Design

I use WordPress because it let’s me provide my clients great value. For a small fraction of what it would have cost a few years ago, I can design and build a website that works nearly perfectly at all screen sizes and looks great. For a reasonable fee, my client gets a site that meets their needs today and has the flexibility to adapt to nearly any new requirement in the future.

WordPress began life as a Blogging platform, and has grown on that foundation. Because of that anyone who is technical enough to publish a blog post can easily learn to update many parts of their site (nearly all the text and media for example) on their own. So not only does WordPress save my clients a ton of money initially, those savings continue into the future.

There are several reasons that WordPress works so well for me and my clients.

1. WordPress websites are built on “themes”. Good themes are – in very general terms – beautiful, functional, 80% completed websites. That 80% head start quite literally allows me to create finished websites for 20% of the cost of the same website built from scratch. There are themes and themes, but the premium WordPress themes that I use are created by some of the most talented programmers and designers Read more