Why I use WordPress for Responsive Website Design

I use WordPress because it let’s me provide my clients great value. For a small fraction of what it would have cost a few years ago, I can design and build a website that works nearly perfectly at all screen sizes and looks great. For a reasonable fee, my client gets a site that meets their needs today and has the flexibility to adapt to nearly any new requirement in the future.

WordPress began life as a Blogging platform, and has grown on that foundation. Because of that anyone who is technical enough to publish a blog post can easily learn to update many parts of their site (nearly all the text and media for example) on their own. So not only does WordPress save my clients a ton of money initially, those savings continue into the future.

There are several reasons that WordPress works so well for me and my clients.

1. WordPress websites are built on “themes”. Good themes are – in very general terms – beautiful, functional, 80% completed websites. That 80% head start quite literally allows me to create finished websites for 20% of the cost of the same website built from scratch. There are themes and themes, but the premium WordPress themes that I use are created by some of the most talented programmers and designers on the planet.

2. WordPress utilizes “plugins”. Plugins are packages of software – apps – that add custom functionality to a theme. So, for example, if you want your website to display photos in unique way, compile an email list, or back itself up automatically, I can add that functionality to your project for no cost beyond 15 – 30 minutes of my time.

3. WordPress is easily maintainable. Because any WordPress site using any theme has a lot in common with all other WordPress sites, the universe of competent WordPress developers is large. You will never be stuck with a site so unique that only the original designer can work on it with any kind of efficiency. I’ve seen many built-from-scratch sites that are so convoluted that it almost seems that they were designed to be hard to maintain.

4. WordPress sites are endlessly customizable. Good themes come with lots of built-in choices about layout, menus, fonts, colors, photo galleries etc. Really good themes make beautiful, functional websites without going beyond what comes “in the box”. But beyond that, all WordPress themes are endlessly customizable by a knowledgeable designer such as myself. Programming tools like CSS and PHP allow WordPress sites to look and act entirely differently than stock themes. So even though you are starting with a theme that thousands of other sites are using, yours can be so unique that even the developer who created the theme wouldn’t recognize it without looking at the underlying code.

5. All WordPress themes come with one of the rock-solidest, time-tested, polished-up, easy-to-use blogging platforms ever created. WordPress site are capable if importing an existing blog from all other common blogging platforms and a few uncommon ones to boot.

6. Websites built on the WordPress platform will never become technically obsolete. No matter how the internet changes, WordPress will evolve with it and existing websites will be kept current thru updates that WordPress provides, free, several time each year.

I specialize in designing and building modern Responsive websites for small business, professionals, and creative people. I know that the premium themes I use will look right and work great on any device because the code that makes that happen is written by really, really talented people with amazing technical skills and a deep understanding of their trade. I’m not the only one who trusts WordPress. Sony, Best Buy, CNN and a ton of others do too (http://en.wordpress.com/notable-users/). WordPress may not be the best choice for every website, but it’s very likely the best choice for you.

see also http://wordpress.org/about/features/